Primewell Valera Sport AS Tire Review 2021

Primewell’s Valera Sport AS Tire is one of the brand’s newest line-up in the market, demanding sporting products, preferably for Sport Coupes and Sedans.

The tire is packed with all the desired features ensuring an all-season usage with little to no complaints on it’s look and design. Primewell assures you of delivering a product of a good investment with its Valera Sport AS Tire. So read on to learn how much of it is true?

Detailed Valera Sport AS Tire Review

The Valera Sport AS Tire is one of the ultra-high performance products from Primewell latest line-up for the Sporting demands of Sports Coupes and Sedans. Along with its pocket-friendly budget, the tire offers a variety of amazing features and boasts all-season durability. Designed with the rider in their mind, the tire offers to work wonders in any road, whether you are a highway traveller or a city person, Valera Sport AS Tire will give you all the comfort you are searching for. A must-look product for anyone trying to get into a holiday mood without drying your bank account. 


The product offers a range of incredible features at an affordable price. I have highlighted my favourites here for your convenience –

Tread Design 

Directional Tread Pattern instead of the usual asymmetrical Tread Design. 


The grooves in the tire are designed for all-season traction that allows maximum wet-driving performance including its 4 wide longitudinal grooves which help water evacuation from treads. 

Improved Traction

The tire has been designed for improved traction and strong grip for an all-season drive, both suitable for highways and city roads. It works well in all types of traction whether it is dry, wet, or snow. 

Comfortable Drive

The tire has been designed for a comfortable Drive in all-seasons along with its softer sidewalls for a smoother journey. 

Low Noise

The product is surprisingly not at all noisy as expected of low-cost tires but quiet and docile in reality. 


Along With all the other great features, it is also backed for a 40000 mile limited warranty and exceptional mileage. 

Low Cost 

The tire despite offering a range of high-quality features comes under a budget-friendly cost that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and allow you to get the best for your journey. 


The traction

The traction for 3 different seasons can be concluded as being a good experience, not great. The tire would traverse over sandy tarmac, concrete joints, and rough expansion when dealt with a higher speed than the usual. 


Due to the softer sidewalls in the tire, the steering feels stiff at a slower speed.


The noise might act docile but it piles up the roar as the speed reaches higher in the speedometer.


The tire shows quicker wear than your usual expensive set but that is understandable for its cheaper price but I still think it can be better. 

What should you look for in a good tire?

When you are buying a tire, you should make sure that you are buying a good tire for your safety and convenience. 

Things you should be wary of – 

Tube Type

Make sure to look for the type of tire that you’d like to own for your car. 


Learn to read tire sizes so that you will be able to determine what kind of tire would go with your car. 

Tread Pattern

Choose the kind of pattern that you’d like to have for the kind of roads you usually travel in. 

Material used

Make sure to learn about the kinds of rubber compounds in the tire.


Do look for tires that offer you valid warranties for your convenience. 


Always make sure to go through the reviews of customers before buying any kind of product to help you choose better.

Final Opinion 

I think that Primewell Valera Sport AS Tire is a good buy for anyone who is looking for an affordable tire. It offers all the necessary qualities for a good tire but lacks to give 100% to some of its features due to which I suggest you keep it simple and avoid rough use for a longer ride. 

In conclusion, I’d like to give a piece of advice to my readers. Always remember to choose safety over style when it comes to your or your loved one’s life. Going for looks is all okay until you end up on a Hospital bed and regret your choices. So make sure that whether it is a Tire or a car, always look for the best. Never settle for less for your own safety. Choose wisely and live long. Travel smart. 

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